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The Xmas Tree Boys

Christmas Trees Online | Free Delivery | Collection & Recycling 


Free CHRISTMAS TREE Delivery to Brighton & Hove

Buy Your Christmas Tree

- We Can Collect and Recycle Your Tree After Xmas -

Buy Christmas online.

Free Xmas Tree delivery to all areas of Brighton and Hove. Santa's sleigh is real! We deliver all our trees via our handcrafted sleigh from mid-November up until Christmas.

So give us a wave if you see us on the move!

Would you like us to collect and recycle your Xmas tree after Christmas? We can!

All trees freshly felled for ultra-low needle drop!

How It Works

Green Snowflake

1. Click Your Area Of Brighton & Hove

2. Choose
TRee by Height


Green Snowflake

3. Would you like us to collect and recycle after Xmas?

4. Pay & Enjoy Your Freshly Delivered Tree


Xmas Tree Boys.

When we collect?
For those who book our Tree Recycling Service we aim to collect your tree on the first weekend of January. Once we have an idea of the total number of orders we will be in touch and give you plenty of notice of when your collection slot will be.

What we do with your tree? 
We believe in reducing our environmental impact where possible by upcycling materials. While Christmas trees are wonderful authentic decorations over the festive period, moving forward they are given a secondary purpose when wood chipped and used to lay pathways for public parks or composted to improve soil health. 

How to sign up?
So if you like the sound of this and willing to support our scheme, we are here to make this happen! Select the “yes please” option when prompted at checkout and we’ll see you in the New Year!



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